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Privacy sets to HowTis to ensure you that all your information that you provide us is fully protected and is our responsibility.

If we ask you to provide certain information about you that ensure us about you then all the provided information by you is strictly handled by our team. All your personal information is our responsibility that nothing will be out without your permission.

What we Demand

We are just demanding your email that is actually used to send you our posts via email (means newsletter).

Secure With HowTis

We ensure you that your information is protected and our team is so committed to it and is using tools that provide security to your preferences.

Third Party Vendors

Third party vendors, including Google that serve ads using cookies. Double click enables Google to serve ad to you which is based on your visits and clicks to HowTis and/or other sites on internet.

You can control your ads using Google’s ad preferences.

We Use Cookies

Cookies are the files that save to your hard drive. The cookies we use ask you to agree, and once you agree, the file will be added and cookies helps you to know your particular visit to website.

We can accept or decline cookies anytime. Most of the browsers enable cookies without permission but you can modify it when needed.

Links to Other Websites

HowTis posts may or may not link to other websites in order to provide you more information about the article which is posted in HowTis. But we are not responsible about other websites.

Other websites may have following issues:

  • Websites may change their goals.
  • Websites’ information may be compromised.
  • websites’ may contain pop up links.
  • websites’ may contain harmful ads or addons.
  • The above privacy policy is not applicable to other websites.

If you have any issue then you can contact us related to HowTis.

But if you like to contact to other websites then go to question area of that website and publish your question.

Updated 05 August, 2017

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