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Make a Cupcake Stand with Easy to Use Method

It is not difficult to make a cupcake stand. If you closely watch the things at your home then a lot of ideas come in mind, by using these ideas a cupcake stand can be made by them. You might be surprised that how this possible but don’t be so surprised and follow the idea to make a cupcake stand at home.

Things Required to Make a Cupcake

  • Few plates
  • A bowl or if you like to use plates then it will be convenient
  • Plates of different sizes can be used and place them as large at the end, small at middle and use small plate at the top or use a cup.
  • Glue


Plastic plates are being used here. These plates have beautiful carvings. Small size of wine glasses which are ordinarily used at homes today or if you have idle candle stand then it can also be used. Glue will be used to connect these.

  • Firstly mark in the middle of plates so that, the stand made in between.
  • Then apply glue on the wine glass or candle stand in more quantity and place it in the middle of last plate.
  • Glass should be inverted.
  • In the same way, make a three storeys cupcake stand.
  • It should be kept in mind that plates should not be heavy in weight, they should be light and after gluing, don’t change their place. If you move them here and there then they will not stick finely and may fall.
  • By using this method, you can easily make cupcake stand of any color in your home.
cupcake stand

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