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How We breathe – Our Breathe System

How we breathe is apparently not look such thing that we think about, however, to fill up body with oxygen is a complex action. We don’t give significant importance to it. The breathing action is controlled by the contraction and relaxation of body muscles.

Steps: How we breathe

These steps are just for learning purpose that is helpful in understanding the total function of breathing. Know the parts or organs and how they help in breathing.


There is a membrane between our chest and abdomen called Diaphragm.

Function of Diaphragm

This membrane constantly contracts and expands and controlled our action to breathe.

Contraction of Diaphragm

When this membrane contracts, then the diaphragm pulls oxygen in lungs like a vacuum action. This time the lungs spread over free space in chest and the air fills up in the mesh of channels inside the lungs.


This air fills up the tiny air sacs at the end of the channels called Alveoli.

Function of Alveoli

The chest feels spread when the air fills up in the lungs because lungs spread due to the air. There are many blood veins surrounding the tiny air sacs, the Alveoli and this is the same region where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange between blood and lungs.

Spreading of Diaphragm

The carbon dioxide which releases from blood circulatory system and the air which was measured in body through breathe but not being used, both these things released from lungs at that time when membrane means diaphragm spreads.

Breathing out

When air escapes out through mouth then the lungs again flattened.

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