How to Record a Music Video with Tik Tok –

How to record a music video with tik tok - is now been shifted to Tik Tok. It is an American music video app for Apple and Android users. Follow the steps to record a music video with Tik Tok.

Steps to record a music video with Tik Tok –

Download and Install Tik Tok

Tik Tok( is an open source app for all Android and iOS users.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Install it to user devices and record a music video for your friends and loved ones.

Open Tik Tok

Select the music note icon to open the Tik Tok (

Tap +

Tap the icon to start recording the music video.

Selecting a Sound

For selecting a sound, use the steps below

Tap ‘Pick a Sound’

After clicking on icon, you have to tap on pick a sound.

Search a Sound

Tap search if you would like to search the music that you know.

Select a sound

Select a sound and shoot your music video with it.

Shooting Your Video

For shooting a video, use the steps below

Tap Video Icon

Tap video icon to start a video with Tik Tok(

Tap and hold Video Icon

Tap and hold the video icon to shoot a video with the selective sound.

Aim the camera to a subject.

Select the speed

Select the speed of your music video from 0.1x for faster to 3x for slower (original).

Reshoot Video

To reshoot video or to exit the video click on cross icon.

Tap Tick

Tap the tick icon if you are satisfied with the video.

Editing Your Video

For editing a video, use the steps below.

Trim Video

To resize the video, select trim option.

Change Volume


Click on the top volume icon to change the original sound and sound track volume.

Change Sound

Click on the top right disc icon to change the sound track.

Add Filter

Filter your video effects by holding one of the filter options. Use them one by one and use the most appropriate one.

Change Video thumbnail

Make a better and easily watchable thumbnail or cover for your music video.

Add special effects

To lighten-up or for better display of your video, use the special effects.

Post Your Video

  1. Add a title to your video and #hashtag your friends.
  2. Select the people who can watch your music video.
  3. Post your video to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.
  4. Tap draft, if you would not like to post your video.
  5. Tap Post your video if you are satisfied with your video.

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