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How to Practice English Writing in Easy Steps

English is the most spoken language in this Earth. This is originated from England and spread all around. We’ll discuss here how to practice English writing.

Steps used to Practice English Writing

Regular English Reading

This is the foremost step in practicing the English writing skills. Reading enables us to understand the words and sentences. Read newspaper, novels or short stories that contain new words.

Enhance English Vocabulary

Vocabulary means the words that we use in our daily pursuits of life. These words are from the simple (common, easy, plain, start, etc) to complex (intrigue, embellish, fussy, wholesome, etc) ones. We need to use the vocabulary in our writing and try to use new words and the synonyms of simple words which is the best way to expand your vocabulary.

Avoid English Spelling Mistakes

This is a common problem for all English learners that they use wrong spellings or use the short words. Short words like b4 for before, bcz for because or any other words that are used in messages should be avoided in writing English. Learn the spellings and pronounce them properly that help you to learn the spellings fast.

Improve English Grammar

Grammar is a set of rules for writing the words, sentences, paragraphs and phrases in any natural language. Grammar helps you to construct the sentences properly by using correct parts of speech.

Learn English Tenses

For proper English writing, you must learn which tense will be used in the sentence. You must concentrate towards the tenses present, past and future. First start your writing from the simple tense then to complex one.

Click here to learn and practice English tenses with usage. 

Practice English Writing

This step is basically a recommendation for you that you must need to practice all above steps on daily basis. Don’t rely on single sources but you can use different type of sources to practice English writing.

Recommendations for better practice of the above steps:

  • For reading, you can use the newspaper, novels or your subject books.
  • For vocabulary, you can use the dictionary or the Android or iOS apps.
  • For avoiding spelling mistakes, you can pronounce or practice the words again and again.
  • For improving English grammar, you must learn the parts of speech and their usage.
  • For English tenses, you should write on random topics from present, past and future. Or you can use same topic in different tenses.


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