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How to Measure Mass of the Earth

Earth is the only living planet in this Universe which is formed about 4.5 billion years ago. Henry Cavendish was an English scientist who discovered the mass of the Earth using Newton’s gravitational force formula and other quantities.

Calculations to Measure the Mass of the Earth

Suppose a mass ‘m’ is on the surface of Earth.

As the gravitational force of Earth acting on a body is,

The force of gravitation is equal to the weight of the body with which Earth attracts it towards center.

Hence, equation 1 becomes

By rearranging

Radius of the Earth is R = 6.4 x 106m

Acceleration due to gravity is g = 9.8ms-2

Gravitational constant is G = 6.673 x 10-11 Nm2kg-2

By putting the above values in equation 2

Therefore, mass of the Earth is 6.0145 x 1024kg

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