How to Make a YouTube Channel

how to make a youtube channel

YouTube channel is a better source of livelihood. Google has expanded its quality of approach to all fields in Global Village. Google purchased YouTube in 2006 form Chad HurleySteve Chen, and Jawed Karim who worked in PayPal at that time. History of YouTube will be discussed later but here we will know how to make a YouTube channel.

Steps to Make a YouTube Channel

Create a Gmail Account

You need a Gmail account to use all Google services like YouTube. Sign-in to Google account and go to

Select My Channel

After sign-in to your YouTube account, click on user profile at the top right corner of YouTube page. Select My Channel option.

Name Your Channel

Choose a unique and appropriate name for your YouTube channel. The name should be new and understandable. You can also use a business name for your channel. After choosing name click on create channel.

Customise Channel and Creator Studio

Two options will appear:

  1. Customise Channel
  2. Creator Studio

Cutomise Channel

To customize your YouTube channel, click on the CUSTOMISE CHANNEL button.

Add Channel Art

Click on add channel art to upload a photo and cover photo to your channel.

You can upload photos via following sources:

From your computer

From Google + account

From Youtube built-in Gallery

Creator Studio

You can use this option after uploading a video on your YouTube channel.

Add an Icon

Click on the icon section then click on edit button. A new windows appear, upload your icon photo from your computer.

Add Description


Add a relevant description of your business or of your creativity because it helps users to understand the videos uploaded on your channel.

Channel Settings

Click on the settings button to change the privacy, customize the layout of your channel, show discuss tab and translate info options.

Save the options according to your preferences.

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