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How to Increase Metabolism: 10 ways

To increase metabolism means to pass a balanced life. Metabolism is most essential for stability of all chemical processes occur in living organism. It is a process of converting all that you eat or drink into energy. Here we will discuss the crucial ways of how to increase metabolism.

How to increase metabolism: Essential Ways

1.    Running

Running speeds up metabolism but it doesn’t have much control over your metabolic rate because it burns calories for energy. This is helpful in weight-loss and to burn fat speedily. It is recommended that start with jogging.

2.    Gym Regularly

A lot of calories burn to fulfill energy need of muscle cells. Build muscle mass to increase metabolism. Heavy weight gives shape to your body as well as it makes you smart. We recommend you to add mass to your muscles for better metabolism.

3.    Eat Protein

Protein helps in making muscles leaner and gaining weight as well as eats protein to boost metabolism. However, it is highly recommended that take protein according to your physical activities.

4.    Good Sleep

Researchers have proved that sleep disorders have notable impact on metabolism. Little sleep affects metabolism badly and causes weight gain. It is recommended not to use TV, mobile phones before sleep and make a proper routine for your good sleep to boost metabolism.

5.    Yoga

Yoga not only helps in losing weight but it boost metabolism because of its flow from pose to pose. It was thought before that yoga only relaxes the muscles but it has been proved that different poses of yoga help in burning of calories rapidly. It is recommended that practice yoga for a few minutes daily to strengthens your muscle organs.

6.    Eat Spicy Food

Eat spicy dish in your meal to increase metabolism. Cook food with chili red or green to boost metabolism, it also increases feeling of fullness.

7.    Avoid Crash Diet

Use of low nutrients affects the body badly and to stop eating properly for the purpose of losing weight rapidly also cause serious health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a balanced diet to increase metabolism.

8.    Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that help to burn calories and hence increase metabolism. Doctors recommend green tea to their patients who love to lose their fats. Green tea effects are modest but it helps to use energy more than normal.

9.    Drink Cold Water

Researches proved that drinking cold water 5-6 cups a day increase resting metabolism. The reason is, your body is fighting to burn energy to keep temperature of internal body normal. It is recommended, if you have any throat or health issues then don’t use cold water to boost metabolism.

10. Caffeine helps

This question is often asked, ‘is caffeine helps to increase metabolism?’ Caffeine helps in burning fats but it works only when caffeine ingested. It reduces the appetite and hence increases metabolism.

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